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Drunk Driving Sentencing

Generally, a first DUI or DWAI conviction will not land you in jail. On the other hand, a fourth conviction could very likely result in the maximum one year jail sentence. The chart below shows the minimum and maximum sentences under Colorado law for drunk driving convictions:

Offense Prior Offenses Mandatory Jail Maximum Jail Possible Fines Community Service
DWAI None None 180 days $100 to $500 24 to 48 hours
DWAI DWAI 5 days 1 year $300 to $1000 48 to 96 hours
DWAI DUI 6 days 1 year $400 to $1200 52 to 104 hours
DUI None None 1 year $300 to $1000 48 to 96 hours
DUI DWAI 7 days 1 year $450 to $1500 56 to 112 hours
DUI DUI 10 days 1 year $500 to $1500 60 to 120 hours
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