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Each client of our firm can expect that we will put every aspect of the prosecutor’s case to the test, and scrutinize every piece of police evidence with skepticism. We will suppress evidence against you when that can be done, and compel the District Attorney to give us more evidence when that would be helpful to your defense case. We will examine the actions of the police officers in your case to determine if they violated your Constitutional Rights, and obtained the evidence against you illegally. We will examine whether the police followed the correct procedures when they asked you to take a blood or breath test, or when they gave you instructions for the roadside tests. We work with laboratories that will independently analyze your blood sample, and uncover errors in the blood alcohol testing process. Most importantly, our experience in the courtroom will help you to win a difficult case at trial, negotiate a reasonable plea agreement, or avoid an unreasonably harsh sentence from the judge.

Our law firm believes that every client’s needs are different and unique. Being charged with a DUI may be a once in a lifetime mistake for you - a mistake that will never be repeated. For others, your DUI is just the tip of the iceberg, and below the surface is a much deeper problem involving depression and alcohol abuse. Our main focus is, of course, your legal defense and representation. However, we also hope to point you in the right direction outside of court, and help you to prevent yourself from repeating the same mistake again. For some clients, this may include connecting you with treatment providers that will help you to address the underlying problem of drug or alcohol use. (This may do a lot to help you in court as well.)

Please give us a call if you have any questions about your DUI case, the law, or our law firm. We will be pleased to take your call, and look forward to assisting you.

- Kevin Churchill