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Kevin Churchill and Josh Landy aggressively defend DUI and DWAI cases throughout the Denver metro area. They bring extensive experience defending those charged with drunk driving and drugged driving charges in all counties from Colorado Springs through Fort Collins, and in many mountain counties as well. They protect the accused from avoidable convictions, criminal penalties, and driver’s license revocations. No client pleads guilty when a better result can be reached. Life-altering consequences can result from a conviction for DUI or DWAI. Our focus is to avoid convictions whenever possible, and minimize consequences when there is a conviction.

Kevin Churchill and Josh Landy have been defending DUI cases for a combined total of over 40 years. They have represented thousands of clients that have been charged with DUI or DWAI in Colorado. Churchill and Landy also have extensive experience defending those accused of other criminal offenses that are frequently charged in DUI cases, such as domestic violence or possession of controlled substances. These many years of experience help our clients obtain dismissals, reduced charges or wins at jury trial. Exposing weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case may lead to better plea deals and better outcomes for those we represent.

Kevin Churchill and Josh Landy have extensive experience as DUI attorneys in Colorado. They work with the best expert witnesses, investigators and laboratories in the Denver metro area. This experience gained over 40 combined years helps them to achieve excellent results for those we represent. They are known by judges and prosecutors alike to be exceptional defense lawyers.