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Case Results

Not Guilty – DUI Charge

Client turned the wrong way on a one-way street, colliding with another vehicle, then into a tree. Client refused a blood or breath test.

Case Dismissed – DUI Charge

Client drives moving truck off the road into a ditch. Client refused both a blood or breath test, and refused roadside tests.

Dismissed at Motions Hearing – DUI Charge

Client pulled over for expired plates. Client took a breath test with results well over the legal limit.

Not Guilty – DUI Charge

Client found at his vehicle changing a flat tire. Client shows obvious signs of impairment and tested over the legal limit.

Dismissed at Motions Hearing

Client pulled over for taking a U-turn where prohibited. All evidence suppressed as a result of an illegal stop. Case dismissed.

Reduced to Reckless Driving – DUI Charge

Client asleep in driver’s seat with engine running. Blood test reveals prescription drugs, marijuana and alcohol.