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From Our Clients
Kevin was an excellent hire and I have absolutely no regrets
I contacted Kevin the day after my incident and he was extremely resourceful from day one. Navigating the DUI process and understanding the expectations are not clear and often confusing. There seems to be a great deal of uncertainty when seeking answers to your questions from those who do not have your best interest in mind. Kevin not only eliminated this confusion, he provided guidance throughout the lengthy process and was very easy to get in contact with. We had numerous conversations on the weekends and he accurately predicted the outcome of my case several months in advance of my court date. It became clear to me early on that Kevin was an excellent hire and I have absolutely no regrets in that decision.
L.R. Past Client
We would recommend Kevin Churchill as the absolute BEST
Best attorney in Colorado for not just navigating the legal system and all that it entails but most importantly that Kevin and his team will take on the most serious of cases and get their clients the best possible outcome. No doubt if your circumstances are likely (by the law) to result in a very serious outcome you need the BEST possible attorney to represent you or your loved one. We would recommend Kevin Churchill as the absolute BEST. Call him when you are in need - he answers the phone and he cares.
G.K. Past Client
I honestly can’t say enough positive things about Kevin.
Kevin Churchill is an attorney who is able to empathize and care while grinding his way to achieve his clients the best possible outcome. I feel as though I have my life back, and can excel, without living in a constant state of fear because of the weight of the judicial system.  Every case is unique and he took the time to be able to present the uniqueness, ambiguousness, and judiciousness of my specific circumstances. When he believed the DA wasn’t properly reviewing all of the documents and was not returning his calls, he waited outside of the bathrooms so that he could get time to speak with the DA firsthand. Kevin is able to work well with his colleagues and be listened to by DAs and Judges alike, which is exactly who you want defending you when the odds are stacked against you. One of the many benefits of having Kevin Churchill in my corner was his ability to guide me to provide legitimate documentation that added to my case and to my ultimate benefit. Transparency and clarity are bonuses that he adds to his work, as well as, an uncanny ability to manage expectations. He fought tirelessly until the last second with my case. I very easily could have landed in jail, or multiple years of probation, instead I ended up having the case terminated due to Kevin’s hard work. His determination and emotional concern for others is one of the many reasons that make him a great attorney and a wonderful individual. I hope one day that my investments grow in size enough so that I can afford to hire him to be my chief counsel, or as an in-house counsel. I honestly can’t say enough positive things about Kevin.
A.W. Past Client
I will, and am very pleased to recommend Mr. Churchill
Mr. Churchill has been a positive influence, and has worked to help me in a time that I was in desperate need of counsel. I was pleased to find Mr. Churchill to be a kind and compassionate counsel and a well versed attorney that was well received by the court. He really knew what he was doing and how best to represent me. It was clear that his experience with the court and judiciary personnel helped greatly on my behalf, and I was truly blessed to have Mr. Churchill represent me. Mr. Churchill made statements on my behalf that clearly made a difference in the outcome of the court’s decision in my favor. I will, and am very pleased to recommend Mr. Churchill to anyone I know for the professional help he has provided.
J.R. Past Client